Volume 09 December 1965

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    Notes on some chalicothere remains from Makapansgat
    (Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research, 1965-12) Webb, G. L.
    This paper deals with the South African chalicothere remains from Makapansgat, Potgietersrus, with mention of those from Serengeti described by Dietrich. From Makapansgat there are 12 post-cranial remains comprising 2 terminal phalanges, 1 intermediate phalanx, 1 co-ossified phalanx, 1 carpal or tarsal bone, 2 metacarpals, 2 tibiae, 2 innominates and 1 scapula: and 74 cranial remains . This latter figure is made up of 45 isolated teeth, of which 36 are upper teeth and 9 are lower teeth, 7 maxillary fragments and 22 mandibular fragments. The South African form, classified as Metaschizotherium transvaalensis is compared with the American forms Moropus elatus and Moropus petersoni and is found to resemble more closely in size M. elatus . The reasons for retaining the classification of M. transvaalensis are given and discussed. Finally the relationship of the Makapansgat specimens to the osteodontokeratic culture is discussed.