On two new specimens of Lystrosaurus-zone cynodonts

Brink, A. S.
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Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research
In this paper the skulls of two new specimens of Lystrosaurus-zone cynodonts are described. One is a skull of Notictosaurus luckhoffi Broom, and it is pointed out that the other two species, N. gracilis and N. trigonocephalus, are respectively the young and the adult of the genotype. N. gracilis was described on only one small skull amongst more than three skulls and skeletons intimately associated in one block with the skull and skeleton of the adult, only the skull of which was subsequently described as N. trigonocephalus. At the time of description this block was in different fragments and the authors of the new species were not conscious of their association. The second new specimen is a close ally, but different enough to be recognised as a separate genus. While it cannot satisfactorily be contrasted with Cynosuchoides whaitsi, it is identified and described as belonging to this genus and species. Our knowledge thus far of this form is based on one imperfectly preserved skull.
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Lystrosaurus-zone; cynodont; South Africa