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    A report on a study project presented to understanding of paternal involvement of African working class in their children’s lives
    (2016) Langa, Morongwa Kayla
    Research and literature on fatherhood in Sothern Africa tends to focus more on the absence of fathers than the significant role and the involvement of fathers in the families and children’s lives. There is also a view in public discourse that African fathers are less likely to be involved in the lives of their children; usually this view does not take into account the historical factors that contributed to the removal of fathers from their families. There is evidence that there are fathers that are involved in their children’s lives despite the public discourse and historical factors. This study aims to understand the paternal involvement of African working class fathers in the lives of the children. This will be done by conducting one on one interview with the use of a semi-structured interview schedule as a research tool. The study will adopt a qualitative approach. The research design that will be used in the study will be the exploratory design; this is explore, understand and describe the topic of research. The participants to be interviewed are African fathers from working class background in Randfontein, Gauteng from the ages of 25-55. Furthermore content analysis will be used to analyse the data; this is finding patterns, themes and at the end understanding the involvement of the men (African working class men) in their children’s lives. The finding of the study is hoped to serve as an encouragement for men that are not in the lives of their children. As it may assist in the policy of child support grants for fathers that are not involved and serves as welfare relieve. Keyword: Working Class, paternal involvement, fathers
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    Experiences of young women in managerial positions at an Insurance Company based in Johanesburg Central Buisness District
    (2016) Dikgole, Seshegele
    In South Africa, studies has shown that women are still discriminated when it comes to fulfilling their leadership roles, even though the country has developed laws and policies promoting equal rights for all. Thus the study seeks to understand the experiences that young women are facing in managerial positions. The purpose of this research study is to explore the experiences of young women between the ages of 25-45years in managerial positions at a well-known Insurance Company based in Johannesburg Central Business District. Based on a comprehensive research literature review, it is proven that women still face many challenges when taking on leadership roles in the corporate world. Women in South Africa have an important role to play in enhancing socio-economic growth so it is important to explore the challenges and opportunities they experience in the leadership positions. The research study has taken the qualitative research approach, namely a case study. Data was gathered by conducting personal, in-depth interviews with five women in managerial positions. The study has adopted the feminist theoretical framework, which argues that men and women should be given equal chances in all forms of life. The findings indicated that women are still underrepresented in managerial positions in which there are few numbers of women that hold the managerial positions. Furthermore with this few numbers, they face challenges engaging in the fields dominated by men. The young women’s leadership authority is undermined as they often not have the same share of voice with their male colleagues within boardrooms as they often look down at them. They also experience racist and sexist within their working environments in the form of stereotyping. Balancing work and home life was seen as a challenge for women in managerial positions. Keywords: Women’s experiences, Leadership, Feminism, Employment Equity Act
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    Exploring the socio-emotional experiences of adults with cerebral palsy in a residential care facility in Johannesburg, South Africa
    (2017) Tsiane, Dimpho
    There has been much written on the biomedical concerns of cerebral palsy, yet there has been very little researched or reported on the socio-emotional aspects of cerebral palsy in a residential care facility. This study aimed to explore the socio-emotional experiences of adults with cerebral palsy in a residential care facility. The study made use of an exploratory qualitative design and employed semi-structured interviews with a purposive sample of 10 cerebral palsied adults. Some important findings that emerged from a thematic qualitative analysis of the data included being overwhelmed by the new environment; feelings of freedom, happiness and independence; support from various role players; age and communication challenges; and residents accepting circumstances and remaining positive. The main conclusion drawn from the study was that despite the challenges the residents faced, they were resilient enough to employ coping methods that assisted them through the process. Key words: cerebral palsy, socio-emotional, transitioning, residential care facility  
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    The experiences of teenage mothers living in Katlehong, Mofokeng section : a retrospective study
    (2016) Malwa, Khutso
    Most people consider teenage pregnancy as a disaster (Mpanza&Nzima, 2010). However this research study aims to question the above assumption through exploring the experiences of teenage mothers that live in Katlehong, in an area called Mofokeng Section. This study was able to retrospectively view teenage pregnancy from the perspective of those who were teenage mothers, and to explore their future aspirations. The research adopted a qualitative approach and an exploratory research design. Nine participants were selected by using purposive sampling. The individual semi- structured interviews were tape- recorded with the participant’s permission for the collection of data and to analyse the data. The tape recorded interviews were transcribed and emerging themes from the written material were identified. Thematic analysis was used to analyse the data. The study will contribute to the already existing research and knowledge on teenage pregnancy in the discipline but the difference is that the contexts will differ. Six out of the nine teenage mothers expressed having moments of regrets and having financial challenges after the child was born. All nine of the teenage mothers have expressed that they did not get any form of support from the community that they were part of instead they felt judged and unwanted. The majority of the teenage mothers have also expressed that family and friends have played a significant role pre and post pregnancy. It was also found that the mothers of the teenage mothers are the ones that helped them cope as teenage mothers therefore illustrating the importance of the teenage mothers’ mothers during and after their pregnancy. The themes that emerged from the study include teenage mothers’ experiences relating to the pregnancy; social support networks of teenage mothers; and future aspirations of teenage mothers. This study overall showed the strength and resilience of these teenage mothers as they continue to achieve their goals and provide for their children. Keywords: teenage mothers, experiences, teenage pregnancy
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    Challenges faced by Congolese refugees after arriving in South Africa
    (2016) Mahlangu, Winnie
    In partial fulfilment of the requirement of the degree Bachelor of Social Work