The Perceptions of Adolescent Males on their Involvement in Teenage Pregnancy Prevention in Kliptown

The rates of teenage pregnancy in South Africa remain high. Teenage pregnancy is a risk factor for disruption of education, future unemployment, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, preterm birth and poor mental health for teenagers. The aim of the research was to explore adolescent male partner’s knowledge attitudes and practices regarding contraception and their role in teenage pregnancy prevention. A qualitative research approach was used to understand the perception of adolescent males on their involvement in teenage pregnancy prevention in Kliptown. The population for the study included male teenagers at the Kliptown Youth Programme. A sample of 10 male teenagers aged 18 to 19 years was drawn from this population. The research study will be will qualitative research approach employing the phenomenological research design. A semi-structured interview schedule was employed as a research tool, with face-to-face interviews as the method of data collection. Data was analysed thematically by carefully identifying and expanding significant themes that emerged from the interviews. Teenage pregnancy was viewed as having negative consequences to teenagers’ present and future circumstances. Participants demonstrated level of awareness regarding pregnancy prevention methods due to information they receive from different sources. Participants communicated a desire to be involved in the decisions about pregnancy prevention including use of contraception and also acknowledged the role they can play. The results of this study indicate a dire need for young men involvement in pregnancy prevention programs. Services should be structured in such a way that they are both youth and male friendly. Key terms: Adolescent, Teenager, Contraception, Teenage pregnancy.
The Department of Social Work School of Human and Community Development Faculty of Humanities University of the Witwatersrand In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Social Work