Knowledge of dyfuntion among students at the university of Witwatersrand

Magubane, Bongeka
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Sexual dysfunction occurs when an individual is unable to participate in a sexual relationship as he or she wish, due to the fact that there may be a lack of interest or enjoyment. In South Africa very few studies have been conducted on sexual dysfunction, discussing issues that affect both males and females with regards to sexual issues. However it is a common problem that anyone can be confronted with and yet people are hesitant to talk about it. The aim of conducting the research on sexual dysfunction by looking at both males and females was to get an understanding and knowledge of student’s perception on sexual dysfunction. Therefore the purpose was to gain more insight from students with regards to sexual dysfunction and their knowledge thereof. The research study was be conducted by using qualitative approach in order to gain an in-depth understanding and opinions of students on sexual dysfunction. The data was therefore collected by conducting interviews and using semi structured interviews with the participants. The method used was non-probability sampling. The sample size was ten student participants (both male and female). The research instrument used was a face-to-face interview with the participants. Findings from the study point out to sexual illiteracy, that when confronted with any sexual problem, most people wouldn’t even consider it as one, and where there is a problem, there is always someone to blame. Knowledge of where to find help other than men’s clinic is lacking and therefore finding help is a major challenge, besides the cultural inclinations. Key words: Male sexual dysfunction, Female sexual dysfunction,
A research proposal presented to The Department of Social Work School of Human and Community Development Faculty of Humanities University of the Witwatersrand