An Enquiry into Attitudes of Female Students towards the Use of Injectable Contraceptives: The Case of Wits University

Munemo, Cleopas
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The emergence of injectable contraceptives provides women with multiple options to choose, among a wide variety of contraceptives methods. Although injectable contraceptives remain a viable alternative for a lot of females, contemporary studies demonstrate an increase in the use of injectable contraceptives by young adult females. In most cases, they are the least experienced in terms of sexual health and yet are under constant exposure during college years. The purpose of this study was to explore Wits student’s perceptions of injectable contraceptives and to establish their knowledge of and preferences among other contraceptive methods. The study adopted a qualitative approach to select participants for data collection and analysis. The study made use of one interview with a key informant. Again, the study made use of information gathered from a focus group consisting of five female participants only, that have used or are using injectable contraceptives. The study employed thematic analysis to analyse the collected raw data following the six-phase suggested by (Braun & Clarke, 2006). The information generated from this study helps us gain more insight on the issue of injectable contraception especially those that affect female university students.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Humanities, School of Human and Community development, Department of Social work, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Degree of honors of social work