A framework for Mobile Application integrated with Biometric Authentication to Improve Youth participation in Elections

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University of the Witswatersrand, Johannesburg
The purpose of this research study is to apply the technology acceptance framework to assess the prospect of using mobile application integrated with biometric authentication that might improve the South African’s youth participation in elections. The main objectives of this research are to measure the extent to which youth voters have trust in internet and the ability for the national government to conduct online elections, evaluate the youth voters ICT accessibility and skills and to determine the attitudes, perceptions as well as intention to participate in online elections using framework for mobile application. A quantitative research approach was adopted for this research. An onlinequestionnaire on formplus platform is used to collect data from Gauteng youth (18-35 years); 209 participants had valid responses. A conceptual framework is proposed using constructs and theories from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The constructs were adopted from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), and it was also extended with trust constructs. The findings of this research are youth respondents have indicated that they agree (eighty-four percent) and have intention to use the mobile application to participate in online voting if it becomes available and they have the willingness to learn how to use it. The intention of youth to use mobile phones for online voting as an important contributing factor to improve youth participation in elections.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Management in the field of Digital Business
Framework, Mobile Application, Biometric Authentication, Youth participation, Elections, UCTD