The experiences of senior professional nurses in multidisciplinary teams within a medical setting

Layton, Kirstyn
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Research has mainly been conducted on experiences of recently qualified nurses and little is conducted on experiences of these senior professional nurses. It is therefore assumed that senior nurses’ have not been given an adequate opportunity to give insight into their experiences and roles within a multidisciplinary team in a medical institution. The aim of the study was therefore to gain insight into the experiences of senior professional nurses within a multidisciplinary team. To do this, an interpretive qualitative approach had been used by making use of semi-structured interviews. This research was conducted with nine voluntary senior professional nurses within the medical institution where I had conducted my fourth year practical in. The data had been obtained utilizing semi-structured interviews and the recorded data was transcribed and then thematic analysis was utilized to analyse the data. The potential significance of this study is that it will contribute to an understanding of the experiences of these nurses and it may also assist other medical professionals in understanding the senior professional nurses’ roles. It had been found that there were mainly negative experiences and challenges that confronted these medical professionals, such as; staff shortages, heavy workloads and no incentives. Despite this, it is evident that these professionals have a passion for their jobs, but these challenges have led to lower staff morale and lower motivation. Key words: Senior professional nurse, experiences, multidisciplinary team, roles, medical institution Supervisor: Ms Laetitia Petersen
In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Social Work