Influence of active participation in a wellness programme on brand loyalty

Prince, Greg
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A considerable body of research exists that investigates the potential benefits of creating true brand loyalty and how this has the power to lead to a competitive advantage for brands. The insurance industry in South Africa is characterised by its extremely competitive environment. In an attempt to establish a competitive advantage and drive increased brand loyalty some companies have introduced a wellness programme to their consumer base. Relatively little research exists that investigates the potential benefits and outcomes of an insurance-based wellness programme with respect to increasing brand loyalty. Insurance-based wellness programmes aim to effect specific member behaviour change across health, safety and financial aspects aimed at achieving defined business critical outcomes and increased brand loyalty. Through this they aim to drive increased business profitability. Momentum Life has introduced their Multiply wellness programme which has as one of its objectives to create increased brand loyalty. This study aims to investigate the influence of active participation in an insurance-based wellness programme on brand loyalty. A case study approach is taken to investigate the Multiply wellness programme through the use of secondary data of the membership base of approximately 78 000 members for the 2018 calendar year. This quantitative research analysis the member data using SPSS and SPSS Amos. Pearson’s correlation was conducted to assess the association among variables of active participation in the wellness programme and brand loyalty. Path analysis was conducted to assess causal relationship among variables. The research then goes further to understand how the different member tier statuses impacts brand loyalty. The most noticeable finding from the study is that active participation in a wellness programme does achieve increased brand loyalty. However, more interesting is the degree to which members participation in each of the five tier statuses influences brand loyalty. The research shows a significant increase in influence as the member tier status improves through greater engagement in the wellness programme. A wellness programme can play a meaningful role in driving member brand loyalty for an insurance company.
A research report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Management in the field of Strategic Marketing for the degree MMSM to the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 2020
Wellness programme, Brand loyalty, Insurance-based wellness programmes, Business profitability