Evaluation of lightning location system over Johannesburg by high-speed cameras

Fensham, Haydn Gareth
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This research describes an approach to evaluating the performance of the South African Lightning Detection Network (SALDN) over Johannesburg, South Africa, using high-speed video footage of lightning events. The performance evaluation includes the ash detection e ciency, stroke detection e ciency and median lo- cation accuracy (locations of known attachments and ash cluster approach) of the SALDN. The proposed methodology has three subsections: time-correlating cloud-to-ground stroke data from the SALDN with ground truth lightning events (high-speed camera footage), determining the detection e ciency and determining the location accuracy. Results indicate that the SALDN has a ash detection ef- ciency of 84.9 %, stroke detection of 69.1 % and has a median location accuracy of 59.2 m and 124.4 m using locations of known attachments and ash cluster approaches respectively for cloud-to-ground lightning over Johannesburg.
A dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in the lightning/EMC research group school of electrical and information Engineering August 2019