The Decentralization Of The South African Planning System Through SPLUMA: The Gert Sibande District Municipality experience.

Nkosi, Phiwokuhle
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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
This research report aims to assess the decentralization of spatial planning and land use management system in South Africa through the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) (2013). The Constitution of South Africa adopts a decentralized governance system. However, planning legislation has been slow in creating a planning and land use system consistent with this Constitutional allocation of functions. This, coupled with the non-existence of definitions for the scope of the functional areas contained in the schedules, has created a complex land use management system riddled with challenges associated with undefined functional areas. Realizing the need for change in planning legislation, and on the basis of the Green Paper on Development and Planning (1999), the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Affairs formulated the White Paper on Planning and Land Use Management (2001) which identified the need for the Minister to formulate legislation to define the roles of the different spheres of government in planning and land use management. This research is accordingly concerned with the extent to which SPLUMA addresses some of the key conditions for the successful decentralization of the planning and land use function. The key conditions that must prevail in the decentralization process are identified as follows: constitutional security; jurisdictional scope; intergovernmental relations; administrative authority; legislative authority and institutional capacity. SPLUMA and the implementation process in Gert Sibande District Municipality are therefore assessed against these key conditions, and recommendations are made to inform land use management in the Gert Sibande District Municipality and the rest of South Africa.
Planning Honours Report 2015, Wits University
SPLUMA, functional areas , South African Constitution, decentralisation, administration
Nkosi, P (2015). The Decentralization Of The South African Planning System Through SPLUMA: The Gert Sibande District Municipality experience, Johannebsurg