Transforming natural resource dimensions of the armed conflict in the Central African Republic

Mhlanga, Vonani Aretha
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The transformation of contemporary conflicts poses challenges owing to the complexities of the natural resource dimensions of armed conflict. Yet, it presents opportunities for addressing the root causes of protracted conflicts. This study explores how the government of the Central African Republic (CAR) has sought to address natural resource dimensions of the armed conflict in the country and, based on lessons arising, determine the possibilities of conflict transformation. Drawing from the conflict transformation concept, an analytical framework highlighting the interaction of three key elements (actors, context and institutions) guides a qualitative analysis on the positions and interests of the various actors around natural resources. How natural resources are regulated and managed in the country is also examined. I find that it would be challenging to have a national consensus to transform the conflict due to the plurality of actors competing over control of natural resources while also forming opportunistic alliances
A dissertation submitted in 50% fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Masters of Management in Public Policy to the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, University of the Witwatersrand School of Governance, 2021
UCTD, Natural resources, Non-renewable resources, Armed conflict, Central African Republic (CAR)