Employee perceptions of internal marketing and service quality at a South African University

Zuma, Buhle N
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Research into service quality suggests that internal marketing is a solution that companies can use to deliver consistent service quality and maintain a competitive edge. However, studies have presented varying findings into the effectiveness of internal marketing in enhancing employee behaviour (Altarifi, 2014) which determine service quality. This study examines four elements of internal marketing–namely leadership, communication, training, rewards and recognition, and their influence on employee satisfaction, organisational commitment which are drivers of service quality. The study provides insight into the perceptions of professional administrative staff, a group of employees, whose job-related attitudes are overlooked by research focusing in higher education (Pitman, 2000). The study involved a sample of 254 staff members at a University in South Africa. Data was collected using a self-administered survey distributed electronically. The hypothesised relationships were tested using Amos-based structural equation modelling. The study found that the correlation between internal marketing and service quality is positive but weak. This means the internal marketing programme at the institution is not highly effective. Negative job satisfaction is recorded and yet the results also show positive organisational commitment. The study concludes that organisations should evaluate the impact of their internal marketing elements regularly to assess their impact in building the desired employee attitudes and work outcomes. The study also contributes to discussions about service quality in higher education and the findings are useful for practitioners who wish to promote service quality
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master (in Strategic Management in Marketing), 2021
Internal marketing,, Organisational commitment, Job satisfaction, Service quality