Public participation challenges facing ward committees in the Senqu Local Municipality

Gqweta, Masabbatha Judith
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This purpose of this study was to investigate public participation challenges facing ward committees in the Senqu Local Municipality. This is a rural municipality under the Joe Gqabi District Municipality in the Eastern Cape. Constitutionally local government is legally bound to promote public participation through various mechanisms such as ward committees. To obtain the research objectives, the research applies a qualitative research methodology, using Arnstein’s Ladder of Participation Theory as a basis for public participation in the selected municipality. A literature review was conducted on public participation, local democracy and ward committees functioning. A purposive non-probability sampling was used as it allowed a sample from which participants are selected on the basis of their knowledge on the subject. Primary data collection comprised of semi structured interviews with three municipal officials and focus group discussions with two selected ward committees in the Senqu Local Municipality. The study presents findings from the data analysis and depict that despite the imperative role played by the ward committees, there are still challenges that face ward committees on public participation. The study closes with conclusions, recommendations for the municipality and recommendations for further research
A Research Report submitted to the Faculty of Law, Commerce and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, in partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the degree of Master of Management (Public and Development Sector Monitoring &Evaluation), 2020