Thermal analysis of natural convection and radiation heat transfer in moving porous fins

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In this article, the Differential Transform Method (DTM) is used to perform thermal analysis of natural convective and radiative heat transfer in moving porous fins of rectangular and exponential profiles. This study is performed using Darcy’s model to formulate the governing heat transfer equations. The effects of porosity parameter, irregular profile and other thermo-physical parameters, such as Peclet number and the radiation parameter are also analyzed. The results show that the fin rapidly dissipates heat to the surrounding temperature with an increase in the values of the porosity parameter and the dimensionless time parameter. The results also show that the heat transfer rate in an exponential profile with negative power factor is much higher than the rectangular profile.
Analytical Solutions, Differential Transform Method (DTM), Darcy’s model, Heat transfer, Fins
Maheria, Mehulkumar G., "Thermal Analysis of Natural Convectiona and Radiation in Porous Fins" (2010). ETD Archive. 447.