New fossil Cercopithecoidea from the lower Pleistocene cave deposits of the Makapansgat Limeworks, South Africa

Maier, Wolfgang
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Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research
So far about 70 specimens of five species of Cercopithecoids have been recorded from the Makapansgat Limeworks. The present paper adds the descriptions of another 20, some of them being the most complete skulls known of these species: Cercopithecoides williamsi is represented by a nearly complete male skull; its large upper teeth confirm the invalidity of the former species C. molletti. Parapapio jonesi is represented by parts of a young female and two adult males. The male material is the most comprehensive known of this species and made it possible to give a reconstruction of the male skull. Specimen M.2961, described by Freedman (1960) as Parapapio broomi, is referred to P. jonesi. Of Parapapio broomi 7 new specimens are recorded and described. A fragmentary male skull (M.3065) and a very large mandible (M.3067) most probably belong together, giving a good idea of the male skull of this species. Of Parapapio whitei the first fairly complete male skull could be prepared and described. In the light of the new specimen, some of the male specimens, formerly referred to this species (Freedman 1960; 1965) should be removed. Simopithecus darti is represented by a nearly complete and undistorted skull of a sub adult female, with the mandible being in situ. In addition, a nearly complete mandible of a young male and a fragmentary maxilla of an old male could be described. Some of the teeth of these specimens nearly equal those of Simopithecus danieli from 'Swartkrans.
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Cercopithecoid; South Africa; Makapansgat