Record review of patients with brain abscess and empyema.

Schwenke, Katherine Linda
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Studies of patients presenting with brain abscess (BA) and Empyema are not routinely focused on occupational therapy (OT). There is a paucity of literature on deficits other than hemiplegia. Aims of this study were to determine the relationship between BA, Empyema, motor and other deficits and whether an OT intervention protocol is needed. Record review was used to establish clinical presentation trends. Hemiplegia was the most common motor deficit and the majority scored below the norm on the Beery- Buktenika Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (VMI). Patients with Brain Abscess generally had more significant deficits than those with Empyema for both motor and process deficits. Part B followed up a small sample (n=8) which indicated clinical improvement on the VMI test with the score on the supplemental test of motor coordination remaining a concern. Occupational Therapy is recommended to address these issues based on the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework-II.
Thesis (M.Sc.(O.T.), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, 2009
empyema, brain abscess, record review