Towards an integrative supply chain performance measurement model: A case study of Vivo Energy lubricants

Muputisi, Moses
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ABSTRACT This research presents the use of a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) based approach for equitable performance evaluation of supply chain partners in today’s increasingly global, complex and extended supply chains. A case study company is analysed to validate the proposed shortcomings of current performance measurement approaches and hence qualify the need for an alternative approach that promotes integration and collaboration. An alternative DEA based supply chain performance measurement approach, which addresses the extended nature of the supply chain, is proposed and demonstrated. Through the case study, DEA is proven to overcome the shortcomings of existing approaches and exhibit most of the attributes of an effective supply chain performance evaluation tool. The proposed method can help supply chain managers make better trade-off and benchmarking decisions across the supply chain as a whole thereby minimizing potential conflicts that emanate from localized decision making.
MBA Thesis
Data envelopment analysis. Business logistics -- Management. Industrial efficiency -- Mathematical models.