Social workers experiences working within the multi-disciplinary team: A case study at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital (CMJAH).

Nkuna, Valerie
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Social workers need to ensure that members of the multi-disciplinary team are fully aware of their contributions toward the overall success of the medical and social intervention. The research study was based on a qualitative research approach to explore the experiences of medical social workers at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital (CMJAH) working within the multi-disciplinary team. Therefore, the study explored social workers self-awareness and how confident they are in tackling their day to day work with other health professionals. The study also provided recommendations to social workers on how to handle multi-disciplinary team work experiences whether positive or negative. To get an in-depth understanding of the experiences of social workers in health setting the research study made use of face-to-face semi-structured interview schedule. The sample further consisted of 10 medical social workers as participants using a non - probability purposive sampling technique. Social workers in a hospital experience and are exposed to different kinds of challenges psychological, social and emotional struggles in their field when working with other health professionals. The findings of the study revealed that social workers are undermined and disrespected and are at times unable to provide their services efficiently due to time constraints that are caused by doctors referring patients when close to being discharged. The study however provides recommendations and contributes to a better understanding of multidisciplinary team work among medical social workers and other health practitioners. Key words: medical social worker, multi-disciplinary, team work, experiences, recommendations
In partial fulfillment of the requirements For the degree Bachelor of Social Work