An exploratory perspective of student performance and access to resources

Papageorgiou, E
Callaghan, CW
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This research investigated the relationships between potential constraints to students’ access to technological resources and student academic performance. Longitudinal data from 2010 (n=228), 2011 (n=340) and 2012 (n=347) from South African accounting students was used to test the relationships between technological resources access and student academic performance using correlation analysis, multiple linear regression analysis and factor analysis. Access to the latest software was found to be associated with student academic performance; a ‘digital divide’ between students may influence their academic performance. This research specifically identifies certain constraints potentially associated with a ‘digital divide’ that may influence student performance.
Digital Divide, Accounting education, Gender Inequality
Papageorgiou, E., & Callaghan, C. W. (2014). An Exploratory Perspective of Student Performance and Access to Resources. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(23), 2234-2242
Papageorgiou, E. and Callaghan, C.W., 2014. An exploratory perspective of student performance and access to resources.