WITS University Libraries: Scholarly Communication - Open Access Perspective

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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
SA Research & Higher Education in context. Democratisation of knowledge Role of South Africa/African research in the global knowledge economy. Grappling with what decolonization of curriculum and research agendas means in different areas and contexts. Pressures on South African academics, in particular women dealing with complex challenges and burdens. Balancing research, teaching & community engagement. Global knowledge environment and local needs & impacts. Funding challenges for affordable education and research growth in the context of budget deficit affecting the economy.
Open Education, Open Access, Open Science, WITS University Libraries, Scholarly Communication - Open Access Perspective, Research and Innovation, Higher Education libraries, Digital Scholarship, WIReDSpace - WITS Institutional Repository, WITS Data Repository
Matizirofa, L.G. & Selematsela, D. 2024. WITS University Libraries: Scholarly Communication - Open Access Perspective. Open Education, Access, and Science: Policy Dialogue between South Africa and the Netherlands, 31 January 2024.