Studies on new specimens of the Gorgonopsia

Kitching, J. W.
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Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research
In this paper a list is given of all the described Gorgonopsian genera and species of Africa. The types are listed in a particular order according to dental formulae and age, but attention is drawn to the fact that the number of molars is unreliable for use as a basis for classification. The list also brings out that age or horizons can be very misleading unless localities are registered with greater accuracy. The paper continues with the description of four specimens in the Rubidge Collection. Broomicephalus laticeps and Dracocephalus scheepersi arc described as new genera and species, Dinogorgon oudebergensis as a new species, and the fourth is described as Alopecorhinus rubidgei Broom M.S.S., a name suggested by Broom but never used in publication. Further descriptions are based on specimens in the Bernard Price Institute's collection . Cyniscopoides broomi, Aloposausoides tenuis and Sycocephalus bigendens are described as new genera and species; Rubidgea majora, R. platyrhina, Prorubidgea robusta, Lycaenops alticeps, Aelurognathus minor and Arctops watsoni are described as new species. In addition further information is given on the known genera and species Rubidgea laticeps, Cyniscops Iongiceps, Cynarioides gracilis, Scylacocephalus watermeyeri, Lycaenoides angusticeps and Lycaenops ornatus.
Gorgonopsia, Africa, Rubidge collection