I am not my addiction: Patients’ perceptions of why they relapsed during or after treatment at Westview clinic.

Ngoepe, Magaret Nkosha
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Relapse after or during treatment is a problem experienced by many addicts and individuals view recovery in different ways. Certain things are expected from addicts when they are undergoing treatment, which one of them is complete sobriety. The research study was based on the perceptions of patients about what factors led them to relapse before or after treatment at Westview clinic. The aim of the study was to explore the patients’ perceptions about the reasons for their relapse. A case study qualitative research design was selected, whereby face to face interviews were conducted, using a structured interview schedule. The sampling method that was used for the study was availability sampling and 14 participants were used in the study. From the findings it was discovered that the causes of relapse were both internal factors like emotions of anger, loneliness and denial and also lack of self-awareness and external; factors like family, peer-pressure, unemployment and easy accessibility of the substances. It was also discovered from the findings that there many challenges that individuals experience when relapsing and also the major thing that they needed in order not to relapse was support whether it is from the family, community, organisation and social workers. This study will hopefully not only benefit the patients and the organisation but it will also hopefully benefit social work as a profession in that it will enhance the treatment and counselling that is offered to patients and bring more knowledge within the study about the factors of relapse and also the effects it has on addicted individuals. Key words: Relapse, Substance use, Addiction, Treatment
In Partial Fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Social Work