Two unrecognised burnetiamorph specimens from historic Karoo collections

Two historical specimens from Permian rocks of the Karoo Basin represent previously unrecognised members of the rare therapsid group Burnetiamorpha. These specimens cannot be referred to any existing burnetiamorph species, but are left in open nomenclature because of their incompleteness (both are isolated skull roofs). The first specimen is from the Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone (AZ) and is characterized by heavily pachyostosed supraorbital bosses and a low nasal crest. The second specimen is from the Tropidostoma AZ and is generally similar to the Malawian taxon Lende, but is unique among described burnetiamorphs in having a frontoparietal ‘dome’ that surrounds the pineal foramen. Phylogenetic analysis of burnetiamorphs recovers support for a split between Proburnetia and Burnetia-like burnetiids, here named Proburnetiinae subfam. nov. and Burnetiinae Broom, 1923.
Synapsida, Therapsida, Burnetiamorpha, Permian, Karoo Basin