The 1989 black matriculation failure rate : what were the classroom practices?

Zimba, Maoto David
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This research is an attempt to reveal aspects of History teaching concealed in conventional or popular beliefs about the Black Matriculation pass/fail statistics. The classroom practices of two History teachers are described. One comes from an "achieving" Soweto secondary school. The school is popularly contrived as an "achieving" school because it is known in the community for producing better than average DET Matriculation results. The classroom practices of another teacher. from an "underachieving" school. are also described. This school is known in the community for producing lower than average DET results over a number of years. These classroom practices are illuminated against the backdrop of the high pass/low failure rate during the eighties, with particular reference to the year 1989. This is the year in which the DET matriculation pass/failure rate was the worst in the decade of the eighties. (Abbreviation abstract)
A Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Education, University of the Witwatersrand, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Education.
Blacks -- Education -- South Africa., History -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- South Africa., School failure -- South Africa., High school equivalency examinations -- South Africa.