Data Series : Teacher Choices in Action

The data is in its raw state and is subject to ethics restrictions. The data will be made accessible to via an application to the Teacher Choices in Action Project data access committee ( see . Data access is granted to researchers who are employed by participating institutions and the post-graduate students they supervise. Applications to use the dataset must be accompanied by a full research proposal that shows how the proposed study aligns with the Project aims and comply with the ethical protocols. and will be subject to peer review by a committee appointed by the Project Governance Steering Committee. A data sharing agreement needs to be completed, signed and lodged with the Research Office.
During the pandemic, pre-service teachers could not undertake practicals. Lee Rusznyak led the development of an online work-based module called ‘Teacher Choices in Action’. To date, 44 000 pre-service teachers from 24 universities have participated. A research project investigates how students develop as teachers. The dataset comprises responses to tasks as students analyse teaching in diverse contexts. Rusznyak processed and anonymised the dataset. She made it available to established and emerging researchers and post-graduate students from participating universities. Teams of researchers from across the country are analysing the data. Findings will strengthen teacher education and inform policy on work-integrated learning.