Late Pleistocene vertebrate trace fossils in the Goukamma Nature Reserve, Cape South Coast, South Africa

Helm, Charles W.
McCrea, Richard T.
Lockley, Martin G.
Cawthra, Hayley C.
Thesen, Guy H. H.
Mwankunda, Joshua M.
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Evolutionary Studies Institute
More than 100 Late Pleistocene trace fossil sites have been identified in aeolianites along a 275 kilometer stretch of the Cape south coast. A zone of concentration of such sites exists within the Goukamma Nature Reserve, both along the coast and along the Goukamma River. These sites provide insight into the Pleistocene fauna along the Cape south coast. Features include lion trackways, multiple elephant tracksites, a long trackway most likely attributable to Long-horned Buffalo, medium-sized carnivore tracks, avian tracks, equid tracks attributable to the giant Cape horse, numerous artiodactyl tracks, and burrow traces. The ephemeral nature of the tracksites makes regular surveys of these areas desirable, along with site documentation and trackway replication and preservation initiatives. The protected status of the area offers opportunities for geoheritage appreciation.
Late Pleistocene, trackways, ichnofossils, aeolianites, Goukamma