From Ions to Bits – Managing Data in a National Research Centre

Dr. Klump, Jens
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Managing data in active research projects is a challenging task. The innovative nature of research requires a flexible data infrastructure that is able to adapt to ad-hoc changes. How can this be reconciled with the necessity to streamline infrastructure services in order to keep cost at a sustainable level? What must data management services look like to integrate well into the everyday work of a researcher? In the past the focus of attention has been on large volume research data. However, most research data is small and complex, already highly enriched with contextual information. Managing this “long tail” of research data is labour-intensive and requires new strategies and technological solutions to allow sustainable operation. Eventually, the results of a project are published in the literature and should be accompanied by data publications. The data, now being part of the record of science, has to be citeable and has to be curated for a long period of time. Data publication and long-term preservation call for new services and for cooperation between infrastructure providers (computing centre) and memory institutions (library). 8 This talk will investigate the challenges and solutions for managing research data, taking research at GFZ as an example.
From Ions to Bits.
Managing data in active research projects is a challenging task.