Who Keeps the Joker: Collection Development’s role in the digitisation of Archival Resources: UNISA’s experience.

Botha, Marie
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At the University of South Africa, we recognised the need that the Library and Archives respond to the user needs as a single entity. At UNISA, we make every effort to service the different demands and needs of the scholarly community, as well as the general public through predominantly open access resources. The library acquires resources already developed in an e-environment, whilst the archives need to develop digital resources of valuable and rare content. With this in mind, we knew that we needed to work together to develop a channel which is easy to access to provide the needed information at the exact right time and in a digestible format. This places a huge demand on the skills base and competencies and abilities that are required for this very dedicated and expensive resource development. Access to unique archival resources is a very important aspect in serving the cultural fabric of the community at large. With this presentation we will share what we consider to be important aspects to address in the working relationship between the library and the archives in reaching the user at the point and exact time of needs. We will touch on basic collaboration that was followed to digitise archival content and will briefly share some aspects that we had to consider in the outsourcing of digitisation of archival resources.
SADI Feb 2013
Llibrary and the Archives