Factors affecting the adoption of electronic tolling tags in South Africa .

Dumbu, Pilot
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ABSTRACT Urban transport problems have plagued many governments. Traffic congestion, road safety, traffic noise and pollution and infrastructure funding are some of the issues that have forced governments to employ different measures. The South African government took a position to install electronic tolling collection systems in urban centres to address some of the issues. This study uses the extended unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT 2) to investigate factors that influence the adoption of electronic tolling tags, a critical component of the entire system. Opinions were gathered through online surveys from South African drivers. Results of the quantitative structured equation model reveal that social influence, effort expectancy, price value, performance expectancy and hedonic motivation are the key factors that influence adoption. Different strategies could be employed by traffic officials to encourage adoption including making the electronic tolling tag compatible in all concessions; and, applying differential pricing tariffs to discourage use of roads during peak periods.
MBA 2013
Toll roads ,Automation.