Implementing changes in integrated marketing communication strategies in South Africa.

Brauns, Myrna
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The marketing landscape has changed due to rapid advancement in technology, globalisation and the internet. Marketing has become a relationship consisting of two-way communication. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is more of a holistic imperative. The marketing professional needs to adapt their IMC strategies to incorporate these new developments. The report examines the impact that the changes in communication are having on IMC strategies. It also examines the challenges that the marketing professional faces, as a result of these changes, in the implementation of an IMC strategy. The research was conducted using qualitative methodology, utilising a semistructured interview schedule. In-depth interviews were conducted with 11 marketing professionals, the data was content analysed, and themes were established. The research into changes in IMC strategies elicited five themes which are: communication is more interactive and instantaneous; the advances in information technology (IT) enhance data gathering and predictive analytics; alternate channels of communication are available and media consumption is changing; IMC is a holistic marketing strategy which creates a brand experience; and compliance to legislation and reputation management. The research also uncovered four challenges that marketers face which contribute to the ineffective implementation of IMC strategies. These challenges are: corporate silos; budget constraints; un-coordinated internal and external resources; the lack of utilisation of suitable marketing metrics; and new skills for marketing professionals
MBA thesis
Integrated marketing communication , Marketing , Communication