Perceptions of consumer online trust and transaction issues in South Africa.

Pillay, Avinesh
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The South African online landscape is growing, with more consumers connecting to the Internet and as more connected South Africans start using the Internet, more will search and transact. The ability to search and purchase online allows consumers the opportunity to make informed decisions about what they want to buy and whether or not products and services can be procured online or in-store. This self-education through the online search process allows consumers to become smarter shoppers, which saves time and money while enabling convenience. A connected consumer in South Africa is able to find what they are looking for and is in a position to search online at any time. This is apparent, as the Internet has become more available, and online purchasing more prevalent, through the use of various mobile devices and e-commerce businesses. Online purchasing also means that more consumers will have to make informed decisions whether both website and mobile sites are trusted channels for transacting, where information or goods or services are exchanged on these platforms. International studies in online trust focus on several factors that consumers take into consideration before making an online decision about information, goods and services. Limited studies have been conducted that address the perception of consumer trust and willingness to transact online in South Africa. This study assessed the perceptions of consumer online trust and willingness to transact in South Africa. It evaluated the online trust landscape in South Africa, and was exploratory in nature. The data was collected through interviews that were semi-structured in nature from a sample of senior digital marketing specialists from the retail industry. The perception of consumer online trust and their willingness to transact in South Africa was provided, through the lens of these digital marketing specialists, who were considered experts in the online retail industry. Their insights also provided a view of the consumer journey when purchasing online. iii Results from research indicated that a high level of trust is required from consumers to transact with e-commerce businesses. The research also indicated that several combinations of trust antecedents would result in a positive online transaction and that both trust in the systematic process and trust in the experiential process would affect consumer trust in online transactions.
Teleshopping -- South Africa. Internet marketing -- South Africa. Consumer behavior -- South Africa.