Reducing the Effects of Duplication on the UN’s Operation through the Delivering as One Initiative (Mozambique).

Mispelaar, Mike
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The UN’s challenges and deficiencies such as the lack of; coherence, efficiency, effectiveness and relevance at country level is well documented, however there is silence in the literature on causality of these deficiencies. Duplication is mentioned as a problem however its characteristics and role in diminishing the effectiveness of UN’s operation in Mozambique is not explained adequately. This research project concludes based on evidence that Duplication is the cause of most of the UN’s deficiencies and challenges in Mozambique. Duplication is insidious, its feeds on itself and perpetuates itself at country level. The UN has designed an interesting solution and a smart construct in Delivering as One (DaO) to address the challenges and deficiencies. DaO by diminishing the effects of Duplication has increased the level of relevance, coherence and effectiveness of the UN in Mozambique. However DaO has limitations, it is a minimalist solution that does not address the core causes of duplication and this makes DaO a vulnerable solution. Its sustainability is suspect. The UN and DaO must address the core causes of duplication and its inherent structural challenges to achieve the goals it has set for itself i.e. coherence, efficiency and relevance and in the process these actions will create conditions for the UN to strategically reposition in the revised international assistance environment.
MM thesis - P&DM
United Nations and Mozambique, Mozambique - Aid