Perceptions of lean management and organisational outcomes in the car rental industry in South Africa.

Morule, Thenjiwe
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ABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to identify the perceived relationship between lean management initiatives and organisational outcomes within AVIS. This report will use the lean management principles within a service environment to identify the lean initiatives that will be assessed. The outcomes under review will be identified from other service industries which can be linked to the car rental industry. The identified initiatives and outcomes will be tested using Quantitative research, and interpreted using correspondence analysis. The research aims to provide insight into the perceptions of the relationship between lean initiatives and organisational outcomes within an organisation, as experienced by its employees. This information can be used by managers to understand which lean management initiatives drive certain outcomes. This information will also assist managers in knowing which stakeholders and aspects of the business to focus on, when implementing specific lean management projects. The selected sample consisted of AVIS employees working in the Sales, Operations and Call Centre departments. Respondents were randomly selected from an existing profiled database based on job title. Key findings were that the main themes identified within the AVIS environment regarding lean management implementation were: customers, employees, processes and revenue. A relationship between the initiatives and outcomes was clearly evident and a strong association between customer satisfaction as an outcome and customer orientated initiatives was discovered. Managers therefore have the ability to influence customer satisfaction levels through implementing customer orientated lean initiatives within the organisation.
MBA 2014
Industrial efficiency,Organizational effectiveness,Automobile leasing and renting,Consumer satisfaction .