Exploring the factors leading to addiction amongst in-house substance abuse patients at the Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre

Sebola, Maphefo
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Some research has shown that substance abuse is very individualistic, there may be several factors that contribute to an individual developing an addiction, all of which have an important role to play. Often these factors are not understood within societies which may contribute to the misconception of drug abuse being similar in every individual. In order to understand the reasons for addiction, insight and knowledge into the contributing factors needs to be explored. The purpose of the study is to explore the individual factors of in-house patients at Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre that may have led to addiction. The research study will employ an exploratory –descriptive research design located within a qualitative research paradigm which allows for the understanding of different factors that influence addiction. An interview schedule was used for data collection from in house patients at Wedge Gardens Treatment Center and thereafter, analysed using thematic analysis. The study has the potential of enhancing knowledge and the understanding of different factors that may lead to addiction. Key words: substance abusers, substance abuse, addiction, in-house patient’s, dependency, factors
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