Negotiating the Debt Portion of the Port of Maputo Privatisation

Johnstone, Gordon
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Public Private Partnerships are becoming a key trend with regard to the provision of infrastructure in the Southern African region, as evidenced by the increasing number of Public Private Partnership transactions taking place. These transactions depend on financing and, for them to be a success, a thorough understanding of the factors affecting the debt and equity sides of the transaction is necessary. This study, through the use of the Port of Maputo as a case study and in depth interviews with selected respondents, sought to determine these factors and to gain a better understanding of them. The financing process, mitigating factors in relation to success factors, risk and conflict have all been explored. The initial model therefore explores the conflict in the financing side of PPP transactions and then posits various reasons for the possible failure of PPP transactions and how these reasons can be mitigated, as well as possible success factors in the financing side of these transactions
MBA thesis - WBS
Public private partnerships, Privatisation