Change management systems utilised by engineering and construction contractors in South Africa

Horianos, Sotiris
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The South African construction industry forms an integral part of the economy in terms of GDP contribution and employment. The industry was hard hit by the 2009 global financial crisis, which resulted in institutions both private and governmental in the sector revisiting their project controls and corporate governance. The relationship between change management practices and cost performance have been investigated and the findings indicated that change management practices were helpful in lowering the cost associated with change. This research aimed at identifying the project change management systems utilised by engineering contractors and construction contractors in South Africa. This research made use of semi-structured, in-depth face-to-face interviews as its methodological approach, where a few key questions were provided as a guideline for the discussions. The emphasis was on open-ended discussion and exploration. The key finding of this research was that engineering and construction contractors executing both private and public projects adopt change management systems for their projects. These systems provide a sound basis for mitigating the risks associated with change, which in turn reduces the cost and schedule magnitude of a change on a project.
Organizational change -- South Africa. Construction industry -- Management.