Challenges in the delivery of low-cost housing in Alexandra

Phasha, Gloria Nomasotsha
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The Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP) is finding it difficult to cope with the persistent housing backlog in Alexandra Township, despite the considerable efforts made to respond to the housing challenge through the Project’s initiatives. Although different researchers, for differing reasons, have conducted extensive research in Alexandra, there has been little focus on the aspects pertaining to the increasing demand for low-cost housing. Focus has been lacking, particularly on the different factors such as migration and urbanisation, which contribute to the continued upsurge in the demand for low-cost houses in Alexandra. The purpose of this research was to explore and understand the nature of the challenges experienced by the ARP in their delivery of low-cost housing in Alexandra. An emphasis was placed on those challenges resulting from an increased overall demand for low-cost housing, and both migration and urbanisation were used as the main parameters within which the study was contextualised. The research used the qualitative methodology approach and interviews as a means of collating in-depth information from various informants. The research shows that there is an increase in the overall demand for low-cost housing and this is one of the main reasons why the process of housing delivery in Alexandra has been challenging thus far. Many people from rural areas, other provinces around the country and from several other townships have migrated to Alexandra over the years and both migration and urbanisation have exacerbated the challenges. In light of this, the research recommends the need for all relevant stakeholders to develop a clear, concrete strategy that is aimed at addressing migration and urbanisation issues in the township in the future
MM (P&DM) thesis
Low-cost housing, Housing