Drivers of Consumer Behaviour in the Purchase of Chocolates as Gifts in South Africa

Mokholo, Duduzile Precious
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The purpose of this research is to provide some insights on the key drivers of the purchasing of chocolate as a gift for different gifting occasions in South Africa, as well as for consumer segments within the chocolate gifting market to enable proper targeting of marketing efforts. The researchaims to enable both manufactures and retailers of chocolate in South Africa to target their marketing and selling efforts to meet specific consumer needs. The selected sample consisted of both males and females of all races betweenthe ages of 18 and 45, with an income of R3,000 and above. Respondents were randomly selected from an existing profiled database,(a list of consumers who have previously agreed to receive promotional and research information from suppliers) of chocolate consumers.Data was gathered through a web based questionnaire. Key findings were that the overall key purchase drivers were identified (in order of importance) as: 1) Quality; 2) Likeability; 3) Enjoyment; 4) Taste; 5) Indulgence; 6) Appropriateness for the occasion; 7) Packaging Style and Design; 8) Prettiness; 9) Lovingness and; 10) Brand name. The order of importance was established to be different for different consumer segments. Chocolate was identified as playing a key role in occasions like Easter, Valentine’s Day, as a “Thank You” gesture, for Secretary’s Day as well as a gesture to say, “I’m Sorry”. Chocolate was identified as a least likely gift for key or major occasions, such as Christmas. Chocolates, together with flowers were established as less formal gesture gifts, given as a sign of appreciation or nurturing. Four clusters were identified, named and profiled by demographic characteristics, chocolate gifting occasions, as well as their frequency of purchase. These clusters all showed real difference in the order of importance of the 24 attributes.
MBA thesis
Gifts, Presents, Chocolates