Undescribed suid remains from Bolt's Farm and other Transvaal cave deposits

Cooke, H B S
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Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research
Although individual suid specimens from other sites have been described, only Makapansgat has been treated comprehensively, but much new material has come to light in the past three decades. The University of California African Expedition worked several sites of different ages at Bolt's Farm and the material recovered includes a virtually complete, slightly compressed, skull of Phacochoerus modestus (= P. antiquus Broom 1948) from Pit 3, associated with Antidorcas recki, and also several cranial and dental fragments from Pit 14 that belong to the typical Makapansgat Potamochoeroides shawi. Bolt's Farm was the source of a cranial specimen described by Broom as "Notochoerus meadowsi" (= Metridiochoerus andrewsi); other specimens referred to this taxon and described by Shaw as from "Sterkfontein Lime Works" more probably came from Bolt's Farm as well. Broom's cranium and a pair of mandibles have closer resemblances to Metridiochoerus jacksoni of East Africa. Swartkrans has yielded both described and undescribed material referred to Phacochoerus modestus and to Metridiochoerus. Discounting Shaw's material, only one small specimen has come from the Sterkfontein Type Site, a mandible fragment of a juvenile with an incompletely formed third molar in alveolus but it can be matched remarkably closely with a specimen from Makapansgat and there is very little doubt that it belongs to Potamochoeroides shawi. An undescribed third molar from the pink breccia at Makapansgat is comparable with early Notochoerus scotti from East Africa. The status of Notochoerus capensis is reconsidered.
suidae, Plio-Pleistocene