The Role of Knowledge Management for Development of SMMEs in Lesotho

Leteka, Ndlobo
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It is apparent that Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) have the potential to contribute to the economy of Lesotho. However, it is evident that Lesotho‟s SMME sector is not well capacitated and this potential is yet to be achieved. Research shows that Knowledge Management (KM) implementation can effectively assist the SMMEs to achieve positive results and take advantage of market opportunities by creating, preserving, transmitting and applying knowledge appropriately. This research report aims to investigate whether knowledge management plays a role in developing SMMEs in Lesotho. It was found that some SMMEs practice knowledge management to a limited degree but this is not coordinated and needs a planned approach. A literature review has produced an understanding of knowledge management in SMMEs and has provided a framework from which a data collection questionnaire was developed. Nine SMME managers were interviewed regarding how knowledge management is perceived and understood within their respective SMMEs. Observation of knowledge management practices supplemented the data. The results have shown that only a few small and medium enterprises practice some form of knowledge management. The research has limitations in that a small sample size of nine SMMEs was used. Due to time and scope of this research, the survey did not investigate all the SMMEs in the country; only those in Maseru district were surveyed as it is the economic hub of the country
MM thesis - P&DM
Knowledge management - Lesotho, SMMEs - Lesotho, Small, medium and micros enterprises - Lesotho