Preferred attributes of travel blogs amongst consumers

Oosthuizen, Esté
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ABSTRACT Blogs have emerged as a new digital form of word of mouth and are being seen as an important information source, providing suggestions and advice to consumers (Ho, Chiu, Chen, & Papazafeiropoulou, 2015). The ability of blogs to reach large audiences are of special interest to both bloggers who want to express themselves and share their experiences and marketers who want to use blogs as a new marketing channel. The purpose of this research was to address the problem of what attributes of travel blogs specifically would appeal to readers. The investigation would provide insight to travel bloggers as well as marketers into online consumer preference. The literature indicated which attributes were important to determining blog preference and quantitative research was used to determine the relative importance of each attribute. The results showed that text and photographic content are of similar importance when influencing readers’ preferences and that there is a relative preference for a humourous narrative style with detailed information and photographs that contains monuments and groupies/selfies. It was thus concluded that bloggers with the aim of having a successful blog has to look at preferred attributes of their travel blog and tailor these to target specific audiences. Likewise, when looking for a new marketing channel, marketers should look for blogs that consistently display all of the preferred attributes.
M.B.A. Thesisi
Marketing channels, Internet marketing, Social media, Blogs -- Economic aspects,Travel -- Blogs, Consumers' preferences.