Leadership, colleague support, reward & recognition as antecedents of employee work engagement at Bathopele Platinum Mine

Moyana, Shephard
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ABSTRACT The level of work engagement (dedication, vigour, concentration) by employees has an important effect on their job performance and ultimately the profitability of a business. The Platinum mining industry has been subjected to low commodity prices and safety challenges therefore requires engaged employees who do their work with all their effort in order to meet production and safety targets. This research examined factors that affect the employees work engagement at Bathopele Platinum Mine, with a special focus on the effect of leadership, reward, recognition and social support. A survey was administered whereby employees were given a questionnaire with structured questions that measured their perception on these factors. The total number of usable questionnaires was 122. The data was analysed using Multiple Regression Analysis. Leadership and reward were found to play an insignificant role in motivating employees to be engaged. However, recognition and colleague support were found to be the major drivers of employee work engagement at Bathopele mine. In an underground mining environment where safety of employees and production are crucial factors for profitability, recognising the efforts the employees put in their job performances can lead to an engaged workforce. Mine management can put in place programmes that foster teamwork in order to have engaged employees who meet their production targets safely.
MBA Thesis
Employee motivation -- South Africa. Leadership -- South Africa. Platinum mines and mining -- South Africa