Human resource development for educational eletronic media practitioners: a new paradigm

The aim of this thesis is to develop a new paradigm for the human resource development of educational electronic media practitioners, including both users and producers of educational electronic media materials. The thesis begins by placing the problem in context. This it does .by considering bJ;iefly the educational needs facing South Africa and the role which the electronic<fnedia have to play in dealing with some of these needs. An opening rationale is also provided for why human resource development is targeted as the focus of the thesis. Following this, the thesis provides both a broader educational context and a theoretical basis for the new paradigm by introducing the concepts of open learning and distance education. The discussion of these concepts has two further functions; to strengthen the rationale for the use of the electronic media in education and to provide principles and methods of practice which lie at the heart of the new paradigm being developed. A further section on constraints in education develops some of the themes emerging in greater detail. The rest of the thesis focuses on providing details, both practically and theoretically orientated, which complete the paradigm. Separar, sections are devoted to users and producers of educational electronic media materials, in an effort to shift greater emphasis the users of such materials. Finally, the notion of macro coordinating structures, as art element essential for the successful implementation of the new paradigm, is discussed.
A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Arts University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg For the Degree of Master of Arts Johannesburg, 1995
Butcher, Neil (1995) Human resource development for educational eletronic media practitioners: a new paradigm, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,<>
Media programs (Education)--South Africa
Education--South Africa--Data processing
Computer-assisted instruction--South Africa
Instructional systems--South Africa
Distance education--South Africa