Young professionals' perceptions of authentic leadership in Sweden.

Freitas, Jane Nelisa
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ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to investigate how followers working in Swedish multinational corporations from the millennium generation (Generation Y) perceive their leaders in terms of the authentic leadership (AL) model. The literature reviewed on the subject of authentic leadership showed different views on the topic. Gardner and Avolio (2005)’s authentic leadership model was adopted as a guideline for the study. A semi-structured interviewing technique was used to gather data from respondents. Twenty young professionals from five conglomerates and two universities in Gothenburg were interviewed. Data collected was analysed using content and thematic analysis. Clusters were created using three categories that are founded on the authentic leadership model as depicted by Gardner and Avolio (2005). Key findings demonstrated that young professionals (Generation Y) in Sweden have different perceptions of authentic leadership from their leaders. It was evident that young professionals have set criteria that they use to measure their leadership authenticity. Generation Y professionals revealed that their view of authentic leadership pertains to leaders that show attributes of self-awareness, self-efficacy, trust, give clear guidance, are competent and comfortable within their own abilities, move with the whole group rather than with specific individuals, who always get promotion, or get called on when there are rewards and incentives to be given away in the workplace, they wanted secured leaders and to work with leaders that were self-developed to deal with different characters in the business. These leaders had to be comfortable with their own capabilities. This research hopes to assist business and educational leaders to change their scepticism about young professional’s capabilities and commitment to the workplace and to view them as valuable contributors.
MBA 2013
Leadership -- Sweden,Generation Y -- Sweden.