Protecting the best interests of women in termination of pregnancy procedures

Leope, David Makgolane Resegofaditswe
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Pro-choice and Pro-life schools of thought relating to Termination of Pregnancy procedures are all caught up in a trap of infidel circularity, humanism and reductionism. Clearly they have both outlived their usefulness and need urgently be superseded by the new school of thought that protects the best interests of women in the Termination of Pregnancy procedures. This report refers to the new one as the Pro-Personal Dignity school of thought. This report may not masquerade as the omniscient, all encompassing instrument for the pros and cons involved in abortion arguments. Neither does it fail to present the single consistent argument flowing from the current debates on terminations of pregnancies in the context of South Africa as a developing nation battling to find her way to earn the accolades afforded by developed hard currency nations. The principal misconception evidenced in this research involves the perception that procedures undertaken in professional medical settings, by professional health practitioners registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), offer hundred percent 4 safety. Clearly the adoption of the pro-choice rule of thumb, which has globally grown positively de rigueur, has increased the demand for the procedures making the protection of best interests of women in abortion activities crucial in current policy, management and development advancements
Abortion, Termination of pregnancy