Reconciling different stakeholder perspectives on corporate social responsibility.

Murumba, George
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Abstract Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained prominence given negative consequences of corporate action in the process of exploiting natural resources and social capital, for profit. On the other hand, there are potential positive development benefits that could accrue from CSR initiatives. The objective of this research study is to query Corporate Social Responsibility by looking at Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Investment related policies, practices and strategies of Nedbank and Anglo Platinum and to investigate the nature of their CSR engagements. It involved undertaking a theoretical and empirical analysis that extended to a small sample of stakeholders. The ultimate objective was to examine through the case studies, whether stakeholders share a common position and expectation on Corporate Social Responsibility. The main findings indicate that there is no significant divergence in the theoretical aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility amongst the stakeholders. However, in implementation, there are opposing stakeholder positions regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.
MM Thesis 2011
Social responsibility of business -- South Africa.