Consumer decision making styles when purchasing breakfast cereal in South Africa

dc.contributor.authorSikhauli, Khangwelo
dc.description.abstractThe South African breakfast cereal market consists of various brands, some of which are produced locally while the others are imported international brands. Breakfast cereal products are universal products consumed by people of all age groups and demographics. Some of the reasons consumers buy and consume breakfast cereal are the nutritional value and the ease of preparation. This paper examined the generalisability of the consumer styles inventory (CSI) methodology originally developed by Sproles and Kendall 1986 for South African consumers purchasing breakfast cereal. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to collect and analyse the data. This study found that South African consumers are significantly influenced by 3 of the 8 factors identified by Sproles and Kendall 1986 when purchasing breakfast cereal. The study found that consumers pay close attention to the quality of the breakfast cereal they are purchasing, and that they are willing to pay a premium if they believe that the cereal is of high quality. Furthermore, South African consumers, in addition to being brand conscious, are brand loyal when they purchase breakfast cereal.en_ZA
dc.subjectConsumer behavior -- South Africa. Brand choice -- South Africa. Cereals, Prepared -- South Africa.en_ZA
dc.titleConsumer decision making styles when purchasing breakfast cereal in South Africaen_ZA