talent management in a South African Non-profit organisation.

Awitty, Carolyn Awuor
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Effective talent management within an organisation will simultaneously facilitate the identification and successful nurturing of those individuals who have historically been identified as the enhancers and differentiators of all organisational value, high corporate performance, and sustainable competitive advantage. Given this context of the critical and strategic value of any organisation’s talent, the purpose of this research was to analyse the application of talent management processes within a South African non-profit organisation and deduce the factors that promote the successful performance of talent management imperatives. A single case study was conducted at Right to Care yielding results on the organisation’s recruiting, developing, managing and retaining of suitable talent. The specific activities that constitute the talent management practices at Right to Care were compiled and results from twenty-four interviews were analysed and evaluated against the theory findings from the literature review. The case study findings indicate that Right to Care applies effective talent management processes and has not only identified but also invests in the factors that promote the successful performance of talent management imperatives. The elements of talent management identified through this study are defined in the report and illustrated in Figure 17. The fundamental factors that promote the successful performance of talent management imperatives are suggested in Table 14 along with recommendations to non-profit organisations management and workforce. Recommendations are also suggested to the Right to Care management and staff on the basis of the research findings. To achieve extraordinary organisational performance and sustain a source of enduring competitive advantage for the organisation, the key message from this study is that non-profit organisations require excellent talent management which has to begin with the leadership and then filter through the entire organisation.
Management, Non-profit Organisation