Change management for improving planning in infrastructure delivery in the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health.

Dayel, Sipho Martin
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ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to investigate how change management improved planning for infrastructure and compliance with policy requirements in KZN DOH. Infrastructure plays a critical role in the roll out of service delivery. This was an exploratory study in which in-depth interviews were conducted with officials and consultants. This study found that, resistance to change was experienced at all levels. Stakeholder forums were established to address resistance to change. Regular communication was maintained. Leadership reinforced rules for infrastructure planning. Change management improved infrastructure planning. Planning is integrated and coordinated between various Directorates and no projects are undertaken outside the agreed plans. The study recommends that commitment and ‘buy-in’ of senior management must be displayed early and throughout the process. Stakeholder forums created must be maintained. The tools for infrastructure planning must be adopted formally into the department. Ongoing training must be provided for new and existing staff.
MM Thesis 2011
Organizational change, Strategic planning,Public administration,Local government.